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Open Theses

The following thesis topics are currently offered.

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Powerline Network for Distributed SystemsBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisDr. Felix Büschingopen
Drift Compensated Time Synchornisation in Wireless Sensor NetworksBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengen, Dr. Ulf Kulau, Yannic Schröderopen
3D collision avoidance with ultrasonic sensors for UAV smarmsBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisPD Dr. Christian Werneropen
Performance-Messung und -Evaluation eines TCP-Tunnels für Multipath-TCPBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisMartin Wegneropen
Entwicklung einer IaaS Cloud mit Intel SGXBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisStefan Brenneropen
Framework for recovery structure of Dirty MemoryBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisVasily Sartakovopen
Storyboard: Dealing with Mispredictions in a Prediction-Based, Deterministic, Multithreaded, Distributed SystemBachelor ThesisArthur Martensopen
Adaption eines Modernen Memory Allokators an nicht-flüchtigen HauptspeicherProject ThesisArthur Martensopen
Development of an SGX Enclave Performance Analysis ToolBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisNico Weichbrodt, Arthur Martensopen
Securing GnuPG with Intel SGXBachelor Thesis, Project ThesisNico Weichbrodtopen
Sichere Kommunikation zwischen SGX-basierten Mikro ServicesBachelor ThesisStefan Brenneropen
Conception and Implementation of a Statically Configured BFT System in the Context of Multi-Cores and Automatic Memory ManagementMaster ThesisJohannes Behlopen
Entwicklung eines raketenbasierten Systems zur Ausbringung eines drahtlosen SensornetzesBachelor Thesis, Master ThesisDr. Ulf Kulau, Georg von Zengen, Stephan Rottmannopen
Development of a Memory Controller in Gem5Master ThesisBjörn Cassensopen
Aufbau einer Power-Control Unit um Betriebsspannungseinbrüche in Eingebetteten System zu detektierenMaster Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Cassensopen
Evaluation of Channel Characteristics in Ultra-Wide-Band IEEE802.15.4 NetworksBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengenopen
Design and implementation of a management channel to coordinate TDMA networks Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengenopen
Optimization of a TDMA MAC-layer for IEEE802.15.4 NetworksBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisGeorg von Zengenopen
Risk-oriented Task Scheduling for Wireless Sensor NodesBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project ThesisDr. Ulf Kulauopen
Development of a secure JVM by combining HotSpot with an Intel SGX-enabled JamVMMaster ThesisNico Weichbrodtopen
Beurteilung von Abhärtungsmaßnahmen durch Fehlerinjektion mit FAIL*Master ThesisArthur Martensopen
Secure Volunteer ComputingMaster ThesisDavid Goltzscheopen
Development of a battery test card to measure temperature effects on batteriesMaster ThesisRobert Hartungopen
Reliable PaaS Cloud with Byzantine Fault ToleranceMaster Thesis, Project ThesisBijun Liopen
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of an online-system for the INGA platform to learn temperature dependencyMaster ThesisRobert Hartungopen
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a RPL Objective Function for robust and energy efficient WSNsMaster ThesisRobert Hartungopen
Development of ECG and GSR for INGABachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project Thesis, Studienarbeit, Diploma ThesisDr. Felix Büsching, Dr. Ulf Kulauopen
Entwicklung eines Werkzeuges zur Ermittlung der WLAN-VerbindungsqualitätBachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project Thesis, HiWi JobStephan Rottmannopen
Master Thesis, Project ThesisBjörn Gernertopen
Optimierung, Parallelisierung und Erweiterung des COOJA-SimulatorsTeam Project ThesisRobert Hartungopen

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